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 Mala Biografija

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PostSubject: Mala Biografija   Sun Mar 22, 2009 6:11 am

Date of Birth
9 April 1990, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name
Kristen Jaymes Stewart


5' 6" (1.68 m)


Has an older brother named Cameron. They both live with their parents in the Los Angeles area.

Her father is John Stewart, a TV Producer who works at FOX TV. Currently co-producing "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" (2004).

Shares her birthday, April 9, with actors Frank Miranda, and Dennis Quaid who played her father in Cold Creek Manor (2003).

Born in Los Angeles, California and then spent some of her early years in Colorado and has moved back to Los Angeles where she currently resides with her parents.

Replaced Hayden Panettiere in Panic Room (2002).

Supporter and member of the Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet.

Was ranked #17 on Entertainment Weekly's '30 Under 30' the actress list. (2008).

Had to wear brown contact lenses for Twilight (2008/I) because she has naturally green eyes while Bella's eyes are supposed to be brown.

Although born in Los Angeles, she was raised during some of her early years in Colorado. She moved back to LA in 2006, where she resides with her parents.

Nominated 3 consecutive years (2003-2005) for the Young Artist Award, but never won.

Her mother is a Script Supervisor, who hails from Australia.

Named The Movie Fanatic's Hottest Young Actress. (2008).

Has 3 dogs: Oz, a border collie mix, Jack and Lily who are mutts.

Was ranked #9 on Moviefone's 'The 25 Hottest Actors Under 25'(2008).

During the filming of the "Prom scene" of Twilight (2008/I), she told director Catherine Hardwicke that she didn't like the music so she suggested the song "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" and it replaced the original songs and was put onto the soundtrack.

Her mother is Australian.

Reads novels by Charles Bukowski and Kurt Vonnegut.

Owns a cat named 'Jella'.

Favorite book is 'East of Eden' by John Steinbeck.

Is best friends with Twilight co-star Nikki Reed.

She also likes the book The Stranger by Camus.

Is very close friends with her Twilight (2008/I) co-star Robert Pattinson.

Kristin Stewart has been in a relationship with actor Michael Angarano for two years.

Mother is Mann-Stewart, Jules (I), a script supervisor who is directing her first film K-11 (2009) which stars Kristen.
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Mala Biografija
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